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Why Do Some Cardinals Fans Complain About Every Option?

Paul Goldschmidt & Bryce Harper (Photo Credit Tommy Gilligan USA TODAY Sports)

Let’s get this straight... Cardinals Nation wants to see their team improve and to be a force in 2019. As fans, they want to see the GM make moves that will finally put this club over the top. And in an off-season that has some big name players being shopped via trade and two of the top young players in the game available in free agency, there are many who would rather the front office pass on every option.

Bryce Harper (Photo Credit Brad Mills/USA TODAY Sports))

Bryce Harper. A 26 year old lefty power bat, with a career .279 batting avg. A total of 184 career home runs. A 6 x All-Star in his 7 years of MLB service. A former Silver Slugger and Rookie of the Year.

Instead, many fans point at the projected high price tag. Although to be fair, it’s not their money and the fact that many of the same ones mentioning the cost, criticize John Mozeliak & Bill DeWitt Jr. for being cheap. There are also those that feel Harper is a diva, and doesn’t fit the infamous “Cardinal way”.

Manny Machado (Photo Credit Jennifer Buchanan USA TODAY Sports)

Manny Machado. Another 26 year old offensive threat with a great infield glove. A career .282 hitter with a total of 175 home runs. Another player with 7 years of MLB experience, a 3 x All-Star and a former Gold Glove Award winner.

However many fans don’t want to see the Cardinals go this route, because of the cost (again, not their money & the same unhappiness with ownership underspending), but also because of Machado’s “I’m no Johnny Hustle” comment and a few dirty plays in the 2018 playoffs that also doesn’t fit the “Cardinal way”.

Josh Donaldson (Photo Credit Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports)

Well, let’s look beyond the 2 biggest names and suggest a free-agent “Plan B” in Josh Donaldson. The power hitting third baseman that will be 33 next season. Never mind the fact that in 8 seasons he has hit 182 homers with a career .275 avg. A 3 x All-Star and former Silver Slugger that’s been in the MVP running multiple times in his career that would solidify 3B for the Cardinals.

A lot of fans see him as a liability because he’s “injury prone” and because at age 33, his best days are behind him. So they aren’t on board with this either. Despite that the cost for Donaldson will be much, much less than the two mentioned above.

Paul Goldschmidt (Photo Credit Jeff Curry/USA TODAY Sports)

How about going a different route? The route of trade. How about Paul Goldschmidt? Goldy has been the face of the franchise for the Arizona Diamondbacks in his career. A classy guy and ball player with impressive numbers across the board. In 8 seasons, he has a career .297 batting avg., 209 home runs, 710 RBI with 6 All-Star appearances, 4 Silver Slugger awards, and 3 Gold Gloves. A player that definitely fits the “Cardinal way” however, would have only one guaranteed season under contract if St. Louis acquired him via trade.

Also, the cost to get Goldschmidt, would likely be a couple of young arms (which the Cardinals have plenty of), and either a young outfielder or two, or maybe even a Carson Kelly that some fans value as if he’s the next Yadier Molina or on the flip side, a player that fans say “trade now because he’s nothing more than a backup catcher”.

Again, many fans are against the franchise bringing in this premiere player. After all, he too is past his age 30 season so he must be declining in skill set.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of St. Louis Cardinals fans out there in favor of bringing these players or others into the fold. But whether it’s the above mentioned, the plan B’s or C’s of the crop, the plethora of available pitchers on the market, many of Cardinals Nation look for a reason “not” to want these players, rather than accepting any as viable options of improvement.

To those that are not keen on bringing any of these players in, I ask you this. You are obviously just as unhappy as the rest of us with missing the playoffs 3 straight seasons. You voice your displeasure of underperforming players and in your opinion, an underspending front office.

What is it you want from this franchise?

To put a winning product on the field giving the Cardinals a better chance at another World Series title?

Would you rather they go after these players that could almost definitely be an improvement, hope that they fail, so your opinion can be right?

Or would you rather the front office do nothing so that you can take to social media in 2019 and continue calling out this organization for being cheap and ran worse than you see fit?

I personally love our fan base. A lot of passionate & knowledgeable fans proudly support the St. Louis Cardinals year in and year out. But I suppose like any other fan base, there are those, that are never satisfied (be it off-season moves & rumors or in-season play).

Thanks for Reading.

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