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The trainers room of the St Louis Cardinals in 2018 resembled a MASH unit. the list was long and varied:

Pitchers 867 days

Brett Cecil - Twice March 31 to May 10 (40 days), July 23 to August 14 (22 days) = 62 days

Brett never really got un-tracked all year. (except on his rehab starts) his 2018 stats were at best horrible. An ERA of 6.89 a WHIP of 1.96. His SO/BB ratio of only 0.76 19 SO /25 BB his last 9 games an ERA of 15.00 and a WHIP of 2.500. The only thing keeping him with the team is his No Trade Clause but given his last two seasons in terms of injury and ineffectiveness. If he comes to Spring Training and can't be at least serviceable, He will be released.

Luke Gregerson - Twice; May 16 to July 12(57 days), July 30 to October 31(92 days) = 149days Hamstring, Ankle and Shoulder injuries proved to be too much for Luke. We never got to see what Gregerson could do. He only managed 12 IP all year, with a plus 7 ERA and a 1.58 WHIP. On the surface it does not look good but, If healthy he could prove to be valuable to have around. He will get his shot in the Spring and if he can find his 2016 Mojo he could be valuable as a set up man or like Cecil he could be released.

Dominic Leone - May 6, August 25 = 111 days After coming back from nerve damage in the pitching arm his last 9 games were 4.50 ERA 1.83 WHIP 8 to 5 SO to BB ratio. Leone's career numbers in 2014 and 2017 136.2 IP with a 2.63 ERA 151 SO/48 BB and a 1.105 WHIP. If, his nerve issues are behind him, then we could see him back to 2017 form. If so he could be useful in middle relief which was his job with Toronto. Spring Training will tell the tale.

Carlos Martinez - 3 times May10 to June 4 (25 days), July 21 to July 29 (8 days), July 31 to August 20 (21 days) = 54 days Lat strain, Oblique strain and shoulder strain. The move to the bullpen at the end of the season seemed to fit the bill in getting back his form. The Cardinals have said he is slated to start in 2019. Speaking for my self. I would go after a top end starter and move Carlos to the bullpen and be the closer. There is also the possibility that Carlos can be a trade piece as well. The are many directions the Cardinals can go when it comes to Carlos. The current thought is that he is slated for the rotation.

Alex Reyes - Twice March 28 to May 28 (61 days), May 31 to October 31(153 days) = 214 Days. Much was made of his return following Tommy John surgery in 2017. The attempt to ease him back in was all for nought when he tore a Lat muscle. He is on track to begin a throwing program in January 2019 and if all goes as planned should be ready for Spring training. What we will get is a big unknown as we have no real sample size to work with. He only pitched in 12 games in 2016. The good news is he is young and had NO complications from his TJ surgery so the outlook is very good. Like Leone, we will find out in Spring Training.

.Micheal Wacha - June 21 to October 31 =132 days Wacha was having a really good season until his Oblique strain.15 games with an 8-2 84.1 IP 3.20 ERA 1.23 WHIP, 71 SO/36 BB. In 6 of his 15 starts he went past 6 innings giving up 1 run or less while averaging 6.8 SO per game. Also he gave up 4 or more earned runs only twice! With a good conditioning program in the off season Wacha should be ready to go. It will remain to be seen if he can pick up where he left off. If he can The rotation only gets stronger.

Adam Wainwright - 3 times March 28 - April 4(7 days), April 22 - May 12(20 days), May 14 - Sept 9(118 days) = 145 days Starting the season with a Hamstring strain and then having elbow issues most of the year, threw a dark cloud over Wainwright's future. However, he put up good numbers his last 4 outings of the year going 22.1 innings Striking out 25 and walking only 4! (A 6 to 1 ratio) This included a 9 SO/ 3 BB (6 IP) vs the Dodgers and a 7 SO/1BB (5 IP) vs the Cubs. With a good winter conditioning program Wainwright should be ready to go. What his role will be has not been clearly defined. However, I do think that Adam Wainwright will be a definite piece of the puzzle.

Infielders = 73 days

Paul DeJong - May 18 to July 5 (48 Days) A freak hand injury sidelined Paul for almost 2 months. He put up really good numbers in April .275/.327/.539/866. He had a minor slump in May before getting hurt. After coming off the DL it took some time to get his swing back. In the last two months of the season. to come up with .269/.325/.452/.777. He has shown good power 2017 he belted 25 HRs in only 443 PAs or one every 17.7 PAs figured out over 600 PAs makes it 33 HRs his 2018 numbers only pans out to 23 HRs. Of course you need to figure the injury recovery period. I would say a good power number for him would be a range of 28 - 30. RBI wise, He is the ONLY Cardinal SS to have over 65 RBIs in back to back years. figuring that in to 600 PAs sets him at about 85 RBIs. So I am looking for a solid year from Paul.

Jedd Gyorko - Twice, April 3 to April 15 (12 days), August 29 to September 11 (13 days) = 25 days. Being used as a pinch hitter/ part time third baseman and two stints on the DL did not help Uncle Jedd this year. Jedd has never been a big avg hitter (.247 lifetime). In 2016 and 17 Jedd showed a little power with 30 and 20 HRs respectively. With the Cardinals looking for corner IF upgrades Jedd may only stick if he goes to a utility/Pinch hit role. Being only 30 he does have trade value possibly as a Utility/DH.

Outfielders; 97

Dexter Fowler - August 4 to October 31 = 88 days Fowler like Wong had by far his worst offensive season then just about the time he started to hit he broke his foot. It is hard to tell if his offensive uptick would have continued

April through June he hit .171/.276/.277/.553

July& Aug he hit .205/.285/.356/.641

Again not a huge uptick but he was above the Mendoza line

Fowler will probably never win a batting title, you can expect .265/.370/.430/.800

I do think he will get the chance to make the team. BUT like with Cecil if he shows continued regression and with Tyler O'Neil on his heels. As well as guys like Gracia, Munoz and Jose Martinez all competing for a spot. Fowler just may be will be sent packing.

Marcel Ozuna - August 22 to August 31 = 9 days

It was clear Ozuna had shoulder issues all year but still put some good numbers team wise.

1st in RBIs 88, Hits 163(tied with JMart), 2nd in HRs 23, BA .280. He struck out less than Carpenter, Bader and DeJong.

Granted, it was a far a cry from his 2017 numbers but, I seriously doubt anyone expected him to repeat those numbers. But with a healthy shoulder I see him putting up really solid numbers

.290/.340/. 500/.840 with 30 HRs and 95 RBIs

Catcher; 29 days

Yadier Molina May 6 to June 4 = 29 days Yadi's was such a fluke injury and coming after a March/April that saw him post .260/.276/.470/.746 6 HRs and 16 RBIs Arguably his best month was .315/.357/.472/.829 3 HRs and 13 RBIs. With only 2 years left Yadi may have to take some days off to give Kelly or Knizner some playing time. I expect to see the normal Yadi we have come to expect .275/.325/.400/.700+ with 15 HRs and 65-70 RBIs.

It all adds up to 1066 days of DL time in just 12 players. Some have already seemed to have shaken off their issues. Others we will find out in the Spring.

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