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This is for the I wont spend $400 million crowd.

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Well it really is not our money even though we all spend or save it for the Cardinals. I for one have not been invited to a Cardinal FO strategy session to discuss payroll and signing options. It would be cool to sit in on one though. The rules of that invitation are probably real simple. “First time you speak or give us an opinion you are outta here." “Yes sir”, I would quietly say and try to contain myself. It is a good thing that anyone who blogs or opinionates, is opinionates a word?, has social media and web sites or blogs or twitter to set their ideas free.

After the turkey feast and the shopping was done I still had time to dive into what players did other teams leave unprotected and available for the rule 5 draft. It was pretty clear that the Cardinals did not need or want to go down that rabbit hole. I just had the rest of a 5 day weekend to kill so I did it for them. The gem I found was not even a rule 5 draft guy that had to go on your 25 man roster but a young man named Jordan Patterson that was DFA’d by the Rockies on 11/20. More on him in a moment. For full details on the players mentioned just click on their names to pull up baseballreference.com stats

I primarily looked at 1B or 3B, and found some interesting talent (mostly 1B/RF) that I wish were already in our system, but none worthy of giving a 25 man active roster spot to. Guys like:

Frank Schwindel KC Royals .286/.336/.506 24HR and 93 RBI at AAA in 2018. A 26 year old 1B with a RH bat that has also caught 69 games in the minors. I don’t believe the fact that he can catch sways the Cardinals to picking him.

Seth Brown Oakland A’s. A 26 year old lefty 1B/RF that has not played higher than AA ball where he hit .290 with 14 HR and 90 RBI in 2018. He hit 30 HR with 109 RBI at high A ball in 2017. The RF stats would show he only gets put out there because of his bat. We may already have that.

Joey Curletta Seattle Mariners. A 24 year old RH 1B/RF that appears to have average defensive skills by the numbers. .281 23HR and 94 RBI and KO rate below 25% at AA but that is his highest level. If the Mariners are truly in rebuild mode he probably fits nicely in those plans.

Braxton Davidson Atlanta Braves. 22 year old lefty down the organizational level at High A Ball. 20 HR and 64 RBI in 121 games in 2018. Big problem—He hit .171 and KO 213 times in 481 AB. And we fuss about Tyler O’Neill’s strikeouts. Easy to see why he went unprotected.

But now on to Jordan Patterson.

Here is a scouting report from SBNation that some one wrote on Patterson in early 2018.

Patterson, a big 6’4 215lb Left handed hitting 1B/RF was DFA’d by the Rockies on 11/20/18. He made his MLB debut in 2016 with 8 hits in 18 AB .444. Yet he has been stuck at AAA the last 3 seasons. Currently he still ranked as their #16 top prospect. Here is his 3 season stat line: 368 games, a slightly below 25% KO rate. 66HR and 228 RBI. Last 3 seasons BA .293 .283 .271. an OBP of .355 an an OPS over 850 The kid can hit. The great part is all you have to do is make a trade. We need a LH middle of the order bat, someone that can play a corner IF or OF position. Patterson has one option left and only would take up a spot on the 40 man roster. The Rockies are currently stacked with LH hitters. I believe that is the main reason the Rockies left him unprotected. Could we entice them with a Adolis Garcia, or a Justin Williams (unfortunately Williams also bats left). How about a Dominic Leone or a Mike Mayers. Maybe one of the above mentioned and throw in one of our lower level prospects. Not sure what it would take but would like to know if the Cardinals ever got involved or not but they better hurry as the trade window expires soon.

The I wont spend $400 million crowd would probably love to see this trade made, and I think I might just approve of it as well.

Thanks for reading and I also update our minor league players progress in the Fall and Winter leagues at St. Louis Cardinal Minor League Spotlight on Facebook and share on the Cardinal Nation 24/7 group. On twitter as well Jeff Schrader @StlCardsMinor

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