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St. Louis Cardinals: Wouldn’t it be Bryce?

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I’m sure by now, that anyone reading this has already seen & read enough ‘Bryce Harper to the Cardinals’ posts to last an entire off-season. I get it, the 2018 playoffs are still going on, so why speculate and write yet another one? Well... why the hell not?

Look, it’s easy to sit behind the screen (much like what I’m doing here) but choose to say the same repetitive things like “DeWitt is cheap”, “Mo sucks” or whatever else a lot of the naysayers are putting on social media. The truth is, while myself and others write ‘speculating’ on what the Cardinals will/should do, it’s something for us to fill the void & voice our opinions, just like most of you (but in blogger form).

I for one, haven’t exactly been a Bryce Harper fan in his career. No, I’m not saying the talent isn’t there. His skill set is hard to ignore. I’m also not one to say he’s a clubhouse cancer (as I have never been in a locker room with the guy). My not being a fan of his, per-say, is the dramatic prima donna stuff, and the excessiveness of hair flips & bat flips.

But then I started thinking. Am I not a fan of this because primarily I’ve only seen him as an opposing player to the team I love and cheer for? With asking myself that, I think I have my answer.

I looked at players on our roster. Do we have any players that could be viewed as show offs, attention whores or crybabies?

Hmm. Well, there are times when a Kolten Wong seems pretty cocky after a fantastic defensive play or walk-off. There’s a revered Matt Carpenter who tends to strike out looking a lot and whining a bit to the umpire over it. There’s even this young kid Harrison Bader who blows kisses and winks at his teammates after getting on base and imitating a spoonful of salsa being devoured. I guess it’s safe to say, if I wasn’t a Cardinals fan, I might have felt a different way towards some of our own.

So why should I hate on Harper?

On a serious note, paying a player with Bryce Harper’s talent & consistency makes sense. Especially when it fills the need of a middle of the order power hitter, a lefty, and the fact that it’s not our money to spend on landing him.

A career .279 hitter who averages 32 HR and 91 RBI throughout 7 seasons, Harper checks the box on offensive consistency.

6 of those 7 seasons being named an All Star.

The fact that he will only be 26 years old in 2019, and will likely command an 8-10 yr deal, would put a much needed ‘Superstar’ in the fold with a great young core of arms, and the likes of some of the young position players the Cardinals have. It is also something to consider with guys like Molina, Wainwright & Carpenter not being the faces of this franchise much longer.

It may take more than Harper to put the Cardinals ‘over the hump’, but it would be a good place to start. Not only does he offer the on-field skills, but with his personality and namesake, Bryce brings with him the ability to put asses in the seats at Busch Stadium. Attendance numbers are one thing, but seeing fans actually packing the ballpark every game, watching him in batting practice, jersey sales etc. would be all things to consider as well.

Sometimes we feel as if the Cardinals don’t get much mainstream media attention and love, but a move bringing in Harper would definitely change that. It wouldn’t be a story that suddenly went away after acquiring him.

Cardinals Nation wants a winning product. We want Mozeliak to “do something”. We want proven consistency and potential. We want a player to get excited about.

Well... wouldn’t that be Bryce?

Thanks for reading!

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