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St. Louis Cardinals: Quick Thoughts

St. Louis Cardinals photo credit Jeff Curry (USA TODAY Sports)

I never thought I would feel as if I was in the minority saying “I’m excited for St. Louis Cardinals baseball in 2019.”

Yes, I think the Cardinals will make moves. Yes, I would gladly welcome a Harper, Machado or Goldschmidt. Do I think if it’s not one of those 3 names that St. Louis is “destined” to be a 3rd place team? No.

The St. Louis Cardinals need to improve parts of their roster, that’s a given, but whatever they do isn’t going to stress me out to a point that I don’t cheer for, or enjoy watching the players that we do have. I’m not going to quit attending/watching games or buying merchandise.

If it makes some of you feel better to constantly complain about our front office and their ways of doing things, that’s your prerogative.

I sure don’t mind seeing young guys like Bader, Flaherty, Gomber, Hudson, Hicks, O’Neill on this team. I think DeJong, Ozuna, Cmart & Mikolas could have good seasons next year. I’m optimistic about Reyes & Wacha, and despite aging, I’m excited for Molina, Wainwright & Carpenter next season too. Throw in Wong’s defense, an underrated Gant/Brebbia and whatever players we do end up bringing in, I’ll find plenty of reasons to tune in every game with a “Go Cards” mentality.

A full season of Shildt at the helm with Stubby Clapp on the coaching staff, and a new hitting coach, I’m confident we’ll see better production in ‘19.

I’m no better or worse of a fan than anyone else. I agree with many, that there have been free-agent signings that haven’t worked out for this franchise. On the flip side, there’s always less praise for anything that does go right than criticism for the things that don’t. Not every free-agent that passes on St. Louis is our front offices’s fault.

It seems like any time that a Cardinals fan tries being optimistic and positive, they are quickly labeled as “content with a 3rd place finish” or that they “cheer blindly” or “see things through rose-colored glasses.”

I just prefer my fandom of this team to not be full of bitterness and misery. this organization gives me much more to enjoy year in and year out, than it gives me things to complain about.

With that said, I do look forward to seeing what route the Cardinals organization goes this off-season in addressing team needs and improving the on-field product.

Whether the trades/signings that they make are high-profile or not, I’m sure I’ll find some silver lining in it and be anxiously awaiting seeing our 2019 St. Louis Cardinals take the field next season.

Thanks for Reading, and Go Cards!

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