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St. Louis Cardinals: Midwest Mash Bros.?

Photo Artwork by Brian Swope

It’s no secret that inconsistency has plagued the St. Louis Cardinals offense for the last several years. The offseason acquisition of first baseman Paul Goldschmidt just might be what the doctor ordered. That’s just the beginning though.

The Cardinals’ starting lineup now boasts four players who can be counted on to hit at least 20 or more home runs in 2019. Goldschmidt, along with Matt Carpenter, Marcell Ozuna, and Paul DeJong give the offense a ton of power up and down the lineup. They hit a combined 111 home runs between them in 2018. Again, that’s 111 home runs from only four players!

Keep in mind that Ozuna was hampered by a shoulder injury, DeJong spent significant time on the DL with a broken hand, and Goldschmidt and Carpenter both experienced epically disastrous starts to the season. With everyone healthy and hopefully moving more towards positive regression, this a fearsome foursome.

Those four aren’t the only mashers on this team either. Jedd Gyorko, Jose Martinez, and Tyler O’Neill all have incredible power upside as well. Needless to say, 2019 should see a lot of big flies leaving the yard at Busch Stadium and around the league.

There is no doubt that Mike Shildt now possesses something that his predecessor never had offensively. Outside of the four Mash Bros., every remaining position player is capable of producing double digit HRs in 2019. On paper, the Cardinals’ new look offense stacks up as one of the most powerful in the league.

We aren’t talking about a basketful of feast or famine hitters either. While Carpenter’s days of being a .300+ hitter are probably gone, that’s something that Goldy and Ozuna are more than capable of. DeJong can be a steady .275 hitter in his own right. The potential for greatness is there.

Potential unrealized is still just potential, nothing more. The key to it everything firing on all cylinders will be whether or not the players effectively buy in to hitting coach Jeff Albert’s approach. If they do, this team will be something really special to watch all season.

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