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St. Louis Cardinals: 10 Reasons to be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving, Cardinals Nation!

Today is a day that many of us will be spending with family, stuffing our faces with all of the classic “turkey day” meals, and be passed out in our recliners by late afternoon.

In the spirit of giving thanks, I thought I would give you a list of 10 things that you (as St. Louis Cardinals fans), can be thankful for today.

1.) Regardless of the fact that the Cardinals have missed the playoffs the past 3 seasons, be thankful that the team you cheer for is at least a contending team.

I’m not suggesting being content with a 3rd place division finish, but damn it, at least we aren’t the Chicago White Sox, San Diego Padres or Miami Marlins which have all missed the playoffs for a decade or longer.

Hell, we could be the Seattle Mariners who have not been to the playoffs for 17 seasons!

2.) Be thankful for the amazing broadcast team that we have announcing St. Louis Cardinals baseball. Some of you fans complain about Tim McCarver’s ramblings, or Mike Shannon sounding like he’s had a few too many to drink.

When guys like those two retire, the stories getting told of playing days with Gibby, Lou & Stan will undoubtedly go with them. Cherish tradition instead of being so eager to turn the page.

By the way, that Danny Mac fella is one of the best in the business. Just remember, you could be listening to the ESPN announcers that so many of us have come to know & love (or mute).

3.) Touching on tradition, be thankful that the organization for which you cheer, has such a great history of tradition.

Whether it’s former players in the announce booth, former greats that still live in the St. Louis area and help as instructors for the team, or the amazing St. Louis Cardinals HOF’ers that greet the players during Opening Day ceremonies.

To have the winning tradition that this franchise has, deserves better than to just have fans whine & complain on social media about how “bad” they think things are.

4.) What better thing to be listed number four than the player currently wearing it?

Be thankful for Yadier Molina. Yadi has been a constant for this ball club and we have had the pleasure of watching him grow as both a player and a man in a Cardinals uniform.

On and off the field, Molina embodies character. Certain MLB Network employees may not have Yadi “inked in” as a first-ballot Hall of Famer when he decides to hangs up his cleats, but us Cardinals fans know that the day will come where #4 is pictured alongside the others on our outfield wall and enshrined in Cooperstown.

5.) The Birds on a Bat. Whether you are a fan of the new “Victory Blue” road jerseys that were just introduced or not, you have to admit, the iconic Cardinal birds across the chest on our team’s uniform is iconic.

When you think back to players you grew up watching and cheering for, or the players of today, when they have that jersey on, they are representing the city of St. Louis, as well as every Cardinals fan across the world.

That means something. Be thankful for that.

More importantly, be thankful for every single ball player, coach & manager to have worn that uniform. It doesn’t matter if they had a down year or a Hall of Fame career. I can assure you, each one tried the best to their ability to perform at the highest level, to win and entertain the fans.

6.) When people talk about the All-Time greats to play for the St. Louis Cardinals, there is one name that deservingly gets put at the top of the list.

Stan “The Man” Musial.

There’s no need to list his accolades and achievements here, as any true Cardinal fan likely has them as memorized as they do the spelling of Schoendienst.

Be thankful that one of the greatest hitters to ever play this game, did so playing for your team. And did it for 22 seasons.

7.) On a lighter note, while many of us enjoy playing “armchair GM”, be thankful that the majority of fans who wish they were running the team, aren’t.

We would be having some making phone calls offering Brett Cecil straight across in a trade for Mike Trout and getting hung up on, to others that would’ve inked Baltimore Orioles’ 1B Chris Davis to the same $161M mistake of a contract that he’s currently under.

Not to mention there were probably only a handful of people who would’ve pursued “The Lizard King” Miles Mikolas last off-season.

8.) To look back on the past, it is easy to be thankful for things. To look to the future, isn’t always as clear.

Be thankful for what the future holds for the St. Louis Cardinals.

When watching a game, focus less on cursing the television when your favorite player strikes out, and focus more when you see that player taking good at bats.

Look for things to be happy about.

A 162-game season goes by fast when you’re only looking at wins and losses. Enjoy every moment as a fan, because in those moments are memories in the making.

9.) Speaking of memories, be thankful for all of the memories that this franchise has given you.

Whether it’s watching the Clydesdales on Opening Day, or flashbacks of Ozzie Smith and the backflip. Whether it’s Jim Edmonds’ diving catches or Big Mac’s home run chase. Whether it’s Gibby on the mound, watching a guy like Albert Pujols have the incredible run that he had with this team or David Freese in the clutch.

There are 11 World Series Championships that stand out to all of us, but just as important, are all of the games in between that you watched, listened to, attended, invested your time, money and love for the game with. The memories you have made with friends and family that share the same fandom as you do.

10.) Family. Chances are that many of you who are St. Louis Cardinals fans, are so because it was passed down from a family member.

Whether you grew up in the area, or your mother/father/grandparents were fans, be thankful that they shared their passion for Cardinal baseball with you.

If that family member is still living, let them know that you are thankful they brought that joy to your life. Maybe reach out and plan attending another game together this season.

If they’ve passed away, remember those times of listening in on the radio with them, or sitting in the living room with the game on, or the trips you took to watch your favorite team in person with them.

We don’t often thank people enough for everything they do for us, let alone just our fandom of St. Louis Cardinal baseball.

Today, be thankful.

It doesn’t have to be things listed above (I mean you can be thankful the Cardinals didn’t have to wait 108 years for a World Series title or that Mike Matheny isn’t still the manager).

But in all seriousness, appreciate the people and things that matter most in your life.

Having a thankful mindset will not only make yourself feel better, but those you reach out and give a heartfelt thanks to as well.

From me to you, Thanks for being a Cardinal fan. And Thanks for Reading.

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