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Miller Time: The St.Louis Cardinals have an agreement with LHP Andrew Miller

The St.Louis Cardinals may have just gotten their guy in the pen, elite LHP Andrew Miller.

Before even seeing the full details in terms of money, this deal seems great on both ends, especially for the Cardinals at this time.

Miller, 33, is one of the most elite Lefty relievers in the game when he's healthy, which he wasn't in 2018, but in previous years, his numbers absolutely prove that.

This offseason has been a big winner so far in terms of moves for the Cards front office. Adding All-Star 1B Paul Goldschmidt and now All-Star Reliever Andrew Miller. Two great players, and known class acts.

The impact on the field should be huge for these two, but their impact in the clubhouse may be even bigger. The Cardinals really did themselves well here with their moves this offseason, already.

Miller in 2018, posted a 4.24 ERA in 34 IP (not great), but that was while dealing with a knee injury. With the Cardinals banking on Miller being healthy in 2019, the deal makes sense in that regard.

Because in 2017, Miller posted a 1.44 ERA in 62.2 IP with the Cleveland Indians, he also had a 0.830 WHIP in 16.

There could be some concern with Miller going into his 14th season and how much his arm has left in him, but if he is healthy and has a good offseason, he could be super elite for the club. He has averaged 10.6 Ks Per 9 in his long career.

The key of this entire deal, like it is for so many, is staying healthy! Which Miller must do for the Cardinals. Let us know what you think of the Andrew Miller to STL deal and how you think it will play out!

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