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Mikolas Sails Through Eight, Carlos Martinez Five Pitches For Fifth Save - Win Over The Cubs

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

St. Louis Cardinals Miles Mikolas gets his 18 win in Cardinals 2-1 win over the Chicago Cubs. Cole Hamels was handed his third straight loss since being with the Cubs.

All Star Miles Mikolas went deep in today's game, to close his first season with the Cardinals. He went eight one-run innings to give him a season total of 200.2 IP. He is first in the National League in the MLB W/L category with a .810 percentage. He also tops the NL list for 'Bases on Balls per 9 innings' at 1.355. He got his 18 win to join Washington Nationals Max Scherzer and Cubs Jon Lester. In my opinion, he earned the "Ace" title for our Cardinals this season.

Cardinals Carlos Martinez, part of the bullpen since late August due to multiple injuries this season, called to close against the Chicago Cubs Sunday.

Carlos Martinez called to close. Five pitches, four strikes thrown, taking down the side for the Cardinals 2-1 win. That was his fifth save, in five chances, in his relief role since being placed in the bullpen August 23 after his third DL stint this season.


Cardinals still hold with a thread of postseason hope with their win today at Wrigley Field. Of course, all depends on results of the Los Angeles Dodgers - San Francisco Giants game today.

"IF" the Giants win today and tomorrow ~ Cardinals will play a tie-breaker with the Dodgers this coming Monday.


Dodgers did win today. So Cardinals play for 'bragging rights' should they win to take the series over the the Cubs tomorrow. The Milwaukee Brewers (0.5 in 2nd), playing at the moment, 5-4, over the over the Detroit Tigers, bottom of the fifth. They win tonight and tomorrow, the Chicago northenders very well may be knocked out of a third consecutive NL Central Division title.

Dodgers (?) will play either the Brewers or the Cubs in the Wild Card game Tuesday, October 2.

OR, dependent on what the Rockies do this evening and tomorrow. Dodgers are just 0.5 behind the Rockies in the NL West. Would there possibly be two tie-breaker games on Monday?

Coming down to the wire ~ Which teams will clinch their respective divisions?

If nothing else ~ the end of this season has not been without excitement on several levels for a handful of teams in the National League.

Congratulations to Max Scherzer realizing his fifth straight season with 200+ IP and 300 strikeouts this season, for his career best.

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