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Jose Martinez Is Still With Our Cardinals ~ No Apparent 'Trade Talks' Currently.

Cardinals 1B/OF Jose "Cafe Jr" Martinez has been the subject matter of "trade". However, he's still a part of the team. Photo: Drew Robinson, USA TODAY Sports

Recently I found a post on Facebook that the St. Louis Cardinals were in talks with the Cleveland Indians regarding their 1B/OF Jose Martinez. And, also, the Tampa Bay Rays were in the mix in exchange for a left-handed hitter utility player.

The scuttlebutt with the Indians was back in July, prior to the trade deadline. And, the most recent with the Rays was December 6.

As of today, the Cardinals still are keeping J Martinez on the roster. With a 3 year career .309 BA his value 'to keep' is a solid one. As we know, his fielding is less than desirable. Now that Cardinals have signed 1B Paul Goldschmidt, his field opportunity would be in right field. The question will be "if" RF Dexter Fowler will reinstate his strength not only in rightfield, but at the plate. I look for Fowler to do so. To put 2018 behind him, and move forward with conviction and a 'new self-attitude' to perform as I know he is capable.

Therefore, that would leave the bench for Jose Martinez for back-up in the outfield above/shared with that of rookie Tyler O'Neill (.254 BA). And, it has been discussed that J Martinez would be fairly 'safe' with Goldschmidt in 'front' of him at first and Cardinals extraordinary centerfielder Harrison Bader at his side.

To me, the heartfelt enthusiasm and appreciation being able to help the team is also a value Jose Martinez possesses. Yes, he is 30 years old, but has made the most of his opportunity given him. Yes, defense is important, hands down. I just feel he gives his all to make it work and without complaint.

On December 11, the Cardinals found their left-handed utility player which did not involve Jose "Cafe Jr" Martinez.

Instead, they traded rookie 3B Patrick Wisdom for utility player, lefty Drew Robinson, coming from the Texas Rangers. And, as of today, the above 'talks', regarding J Martinez, have no relevance.

Granted Wisdom possessed a stronger bat, slugging out a .260 BA during his first major league season in 2018. Robinson still looking to see success at the plate. He has held a .204 BA over the past two seasons with the Rangers.

Wisdom was basically a one position player, with four appearances at first base last season. Cardinals infield was crowded, but with injuries as they occurred or a needed day off for the regular player, Wisdom was able to see playing time, limited as it was. He started in a total of six games on the bag - seven more as a replacement. Pinch-hitting allowed him a total of 32 game appearances.

Robinson possesses the ability to play, not only the infield (3B/2B) but outfield (LF/CF), also. Major key - he is a lefty at the plate. Since the Cardinals lefty utility Greg Garcia was dealt to the San Diego Padres, I think Robinson will fill-in well. And even though G Garcia holds a career (5 years) .248 BA, last season he closed with a .221 BA. However, he gave our Cardinals some key hits and strong defense. I foresee Robinson doing the same. To begin, I think his defense will be his key to playing time.

And my views of Robinson ~ how long have we accepted lefty Kolton Wong's ill bat for his great defense? And, how many MLB players are strong in the field and at the plate? One that I know of who will now wear a "Birds on the Bat" uniform that I so lobbied for - 1B Paul Goldschmidt.

Yes, "Cafe Jr" is one of my favorite Cardinals. I do realize the logistics of trading him to an American League team as a designated hitter. I don't wear rose-colored glasses where baseball business is concerned. Even though, at least for the first portion of our season, my hope is that he remains on our Cardinals roster. In my opinion, he has the capability of being a 'difference maker' with his bat.

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