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Jose Martinez Can Hit, But Can He Floss?

I took the opportunity this Saturday January19th to go check out the 2019 Cardinal's Caravan #4 in Bloomington, IL. The weather was horrible with blowing blizzard like snow, but a crowd of 400-500 braved the conditions to see fan favorite Jose Martinez, starting pitcher John Gant, reliever John Brebbia, minor league outfielder Lane Thomas, Al Hrabosky, Benjie Molina, and host Tom Ackerman..

WJBC radio host Marc Strauss made the player introductions before turning it over to Ackerman.

After a chance for the players to speak, including a hypothetical Cardinals Spanish Radio call of of a Yadier Molina homerun hit off of the Cubs John Lester, KMOX Sports Director Ackerman opened up the floor to the audience to ask their questions of the players.

Kid after kid lined up taking their turn at asking their Cardinal players questions.

Do any of you play Fortnight? (only Lane Thomas)

What is your favorite soda? (John Brebbia- Root Beer in a bottle.)

Did anyone eat Matt Carpenter's salsa? (Obviously John Gant did as Brebbia recalled seeing him eat it twice and homering both times.)

What other position would you like to have? (Al Hrabosky wants to be the owner and J Mart wants to be Al's assistant.) And many other questions

By far the best of the night was from the girl below asking if anyone knew how to floss?

When she described what it was, the crowd and players all knew that it was Jose Martinez that was going to have to take a shot at that. And now it has the potential to break the internet. Check out the video from the official St Louis Cardinal Facebook page below.

I came to realize that this event is really not for us adults as fans to ask what we want to ask. Why did we not get Harper? How come we did not sign a closer? Why dont we trade everybody for anybody? Will Fowler recover? Did we do enough in the offseason to win etc....?

It was about the kids. It was about their chance to interact with the players and ask innocent fun questions. It was about their chance to stand in line with their free autograph ticket and get each and every player to sign a bat or a ball or a program. Something most will cherish the rest of their life. Great part about the Caravans is that they are free totally free.

My advice:

Take a kid to a Cardinal Caravan one day, maybe they will grow up and take their kids to a Cardinal Caravan one day.

Photo Credit WJBC

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