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It's time to change things, Mr. DeWitt.

Here we are, within days of crowning another winner of the National League, and one thing has been a fixture since 2014, the St. Louis Cardinals have not been within reaching distance of that trip back to the fall classic. So outside of the team in a whole, Mr. Dewitt, it’s certainly time to change things, on a couple different levels.

I’m not going to shoot out of the gate barking who we need to sign or trade this offseason, so I’ll start on something that I believe we ALL can agree on. The general cost to enjoy a baseball game at Busch Stadium. Now I haven’t crunched numbers by any means, but the eye test, or wallet test for that matter should be enough. If you can’t go to a game during the middle of the week when ticket prices are generally cheap, you’re looking between $20-$60 a ticket, obviously depending on your seat of choice. I myself am a bleacher bum and love sitting in the bleachers, so I’m on the lower end of this dollar amount. Factor in the concessions, peanuts most likely being the cheapest item, chicken strips for $9.00 just for the strips. Another $9.00 for a souvenir soda or the magical water of Busch Stadium which also costs an arm and a leg. You get where I’m going with this. IT’S RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE. So Bill DeWitt, I challenge you. I challenge you to lower these prices, allow the average family of four to be able to attend more than just one game a season, IF, they even get to do that. Even lowering the concession prices would help a lot of people out drastically and would probably come to a game more often. Keep your alcohol prices, but damn it, give these families who want to share these moments with their kids the ability to do so. Yes, yes, I’m aware, you can pack snacks, BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT. There’s something about a ballpark dog, the peanuts, the cotton candy, the nachos with everything in aisles 1-10 at Walmart on top of them. Follow the path of the Falcons(I believe it was the Falcons) who dropped their prices so people could actually afford to show up. A trip to the ballpark shouldn’t cost that of a mini vacation. It is the escape of the summer for many of us to go enjoy our favorite team!

Second order of business, as I previously mentioned in the first paragraph. It’s time to win, not just a winning record, it’s time to put butt’s in those beautiful red seats in October again! We are a very grateful and spoiled fan base, but its time, Bill, it’s absolutely time. We need to make some big strides this winter to make this team feared entering opening day in 2019. Albert Pujols left in the winter of 2012, I remember that day, a lot of emotions ran through me. But since then, we have had Beltran, Holliday, but we haven’t had that FEARED bat. We haven’t had that guy in our lineup that there was a 50/50 chance that he may get walked because the manager or pitcher just didn’t want him to do damage. Bryce Harper is that guy. Bryce Harper provides that fear to pitchers, and with him in front of a healthy Ozuna or behind a guy like Paul DeJong, this opens up many avenues. Fix that bullpen, turn it upside down, flip it around, I don’t care. DO IT. You can go dig through my tweets, I said a few times that the Cardinals could have the best bullpen in baseball in 2018, certainly the names provided the possibility but we were far, FAR, FARRRRR from it. Let’s give our starting five the confidence that when that ball is handed over to the next guy that we can hold the game in place.

We have grown accustom over the recent years to have played excellent baseball, multiple years without missing the playoffs and going deep into October, but these last three years have hurt, and they have hurt a lot. This city needs October baseball again, Bill, were ready to pack the streets for the pre game ceremonies, the rally towels, the heroics, the edge of your seat baseball that St. Louis is so used to. Hell, I want to see you walking around the clubhouse with a Bud Light again, just make it happen! We want it back! So please, from #CardinalNation, give John Mozeliak the checkbook this winter and tell him to make us not only a contender, but a World Series favorite entering Spring Training. Make Cardinals baseball feared again!

Go Cardinals!

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