Is Tommy Edman the real thing or the latest version of Bo Hart?

Over the years the St. Louis Cardinals have had players who have broke in on the scene and stuck around for years become mainstays for the team and community for years. Such as Albert Pujols, Willie McGee, Ozzie Smith, Yadier Molina. Others are here for a short time but left an undeniable impression on the fan base such as Bo Hart.

A little history

Drafted in 1999 Bo Hart made it to AAA in 5 years.

Starting in Low A at New Jersey He was nothing to write home about .184BA .281OBP 3 Hrs 15 RBIs in 188PA.

in 2000 he was still promoted to High A Potomac where he spent 2 years, putting together good numbers .280/.358/.420. Not a big RBI guy with only 54 in 2 years but he did average over 40 runs scored each year.

Promoted to New Haven AA in 2002 he hit .249/.338/.351 with 61RS, 39RBIs and 14 SB. Sent to AAA Memphis in 2003 He appeared in 67 games .297/.331/.444 31RBIs and 30RS in 284PAs. He got the call to the majors after second baseman Fernando Vina ruptured his Achilles Tendon. He took off like a rocket in his first 15 games .412/.452/.588 5 doubles, 2 Triples, 1 Home Run, 15 Runs scored and 9 RBIs in 75 PAs He finished the season with a .277/.317/.395 13 Doubles 5 Triples, 4 Home Runs scored 46 runs and 28 RBIs in 321 PAs. He was viewed as the spark plug that started the engine. He had great hustle and drive. He was a lead off hitter who set the table with a 285 BA and a .330 OBP. he had hustle and played good defense.

Then 2004 it was a different and disappointing year. He made the team out of Spring Training. He played in 11 games but started only 3. hitting .154/.214/.154. he was optioned to Memphis where he finished the year, going .299/.351/.440 with 81 RS 25 Doubles 7 Triples and 8 HRs and driving in 45. He was in Memphis in 2005 and again had decent year .269/.324/.402 he was granted Free Agency in December 2005.

He signed with the Colorado Rockies in February 2006 the released in June after 39 games in Colorado Springs running a .252/.323./348 slash line. Signed by the Cardinals in June 2006 (6 days after release from Colorado). He played 54 games at Memphis with a disappointing .185/.258/.281 slash. He was granted Free Agency again(Oct 2006).

Signed by the Cubs in June 2007 and played in AAA Iowa. Then sent to the Orioles in July played in AAA Norfolk and granted Free Agency in Oct 2007. He did play independent ball in 2007 and 2008 before retiring.

Now to Tommy

Drafted in 2016 and started in low A ball(state College NYPL) He hit .286 with a .400 OBP 55RBIs and 19 SB in just 66 games.

In 2017 he started the year in A ball Peoria (38 games), then to High A Palm Beach (19 games) and then to AA Springfield (63 Games).

In 2018 he was back at Springfield .299/.350/.403 36RBIs, 71RS, 23 doubles, 3 Triples, 6HRs and 27 steals in 498PAs Then sent to AAA Memphis for 17 games.3181/.382/.394 13RS 5RBI, 3 steals in 76PAs.

This year starting at Memphis in 49 games .305/.356/.513 12 Doubles, 4 Triples, 7HRs, 39RS 29RBIs 9 steals in 218PAs. He was called up when Matt Carpenter went on the IL with back issues in June. His first 15 games were not the rocket ship posted by Bo Hart but they opened some eyes .273/.294/.545 1 Double, 1 Triple, 1HR 6RS, 3RBIs and 2 steals. July his numbers fell off somewhat .256/.297/.384 but with 12RS and 11RBIs and HUGE grand slam HR fans quickly warmed up to the 5'10" 180 pounder from San Diego, CA.

At current Tommy his at .285/.321/.440 with 5HRs, 22RBIs, 34RS and 9 steals in his first 218 PAs in the majors. While he is not Kolten Wong or Paul DeJong on defense he is more than adequate and should get better with more playing time.

Will his game continue to develop? That is a question to ponder to be sure. I think Tommy has the skill and ability to play consistently at the major league level. In what capacity is, as they say TBD. I can see a bench role for Tommy next year or he could even be dare I say it trade bait in a package with one or two others to obtain a top starter. There is an outside chance that he could be replacement for Kolten Wong who essentially is a FA in 2020. (The team does have an option for 2021). Whatever happens Fans are going to remember Tommy Edman and the 2019 season just as they do Bo Hart in 2003.

As always thanks for reading let me know what you think. Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter @bortas2002

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