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If Cardinals Make the Deal For 1B Goldschmidt. Pushing IF Carpenter To 3B.

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Goldschmidt - Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images. Carpenter - Photo by Associated Press.

Since there has been discussion about the St. Louis Cardinals acquiring Paul Goldschmidt's power bat - great skill as first baseman ~ What to do with IF Matt Carpenter?

Fans have B&Moaned in past seasons about ill defense and 'slow around the bags' when it comes to Cardinals Carpenter.

Cardinals fans, Carpenter has been a solid lead-off hitter for the team. Get over moving him down in the line-up. To date, lead-off is where he does his best (Beating the dead horse argument). And to date, none of our other Cardinals do as well in that role.


I'm asking the couch GM/Manager, who do you put in the lead-off spot that can hold (last two seasons combined) a 211-283 BB-SO ratio, slug out 59 HR/150 RBI/73-2B and adding 202 runs ~ granted that is with 1061 AB, but with 519 total bases ~ 295 of those in 2018.

He could be dealt. Only one more season on his current contract, 2019 for $14.75 M with a Cardinals team option in 2020 (FA year) at $18.5 M or a $2 M buyout. A player who does not have a 'no-trade clause' in his contract is not guaranteed "safe" from receiving traveling papers.

Carpenter, presumably would take over 3B if Goldschmidt was to be brought on board. No fan confidence in his skill ~ matter of fact, seems quite a few have no confidence in Carpenter's fielding skill at all.

Therefore, name the veteran position player who is extraordinary not only at the plate as lead-off - but in the field (minimal errors), has speed and has not experienced a slump that is realistically available.

There is one I can think of for at least three of those categories ~ 1B Paul Goldschmidt. If Carpenter has strong #2, #3 and clean-up hitters behind him ~ his runs scored will definitely increase even with his sluggish (?) gait.


Other than catcher Yadier Molina, Cardinals have no other Golden Glove winners in their current line-up. CF Harrison Bader, 2B Kolten Wong were overlooked in 2018. Future contenders? I feel they are. Along with the aforementioned, two more I foresee who should be in the running in 2019. Cardinals SS Paul DeJong and LF Marcell Ozuna. Those two, barring injury, in my opinion do have the potential to be so in their respective positions.

Should Paul Goldschmidt come on board, he definitely would be added to the potential contender list of Cardinals. He has earned three GG awards in his last six seasons of his eight year career with the Diamondbacks ~ every other season. In 2019, he's due for his fourth. I like that he has four Silver Slugger awards to his credit, also.

Therefore, our Cardinals 'infield' would be stronger than it has been in awhile ~ even with Carpenter at 3B.

Oh the pain of a 'trade' and who the Cardinals will have to give up to get. Baseball business is the nasty part of the sport. However, do Cardinals fans really want a winning team? Or, not? Or do they just want bragging rights of spending $400(+) M over 10 years for a player that has yet to prove to be equal to Goldschmidt power at the plate and skill in the field - but that is just my opinion.

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