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Dear Mr. Harper,

Cover Image by: dmbosstone

Let me start out by saying happy belated birthday. You’re about to enter into the

biggest offseason of your career. This offseason will most likely decide where you

spend the majority of the remainder of your career, so yes, this probably isn’t the

easiest decisions for you to make. But over the course of this letter, allow me to

bring you in as a player of the Cardinals and a member of the community.

The date is April 4 th , 2019, your first home game as a member of the St. Louis

Cardinals, the fans await the unveiling of their big offseason signing. You sit under

the right field seats waiting for the red truck to roll onto the warning track, but all

you hear is cheers, music, and clapping. Your truck takes a right onto the warning

track in front of the bleachers, fans yelling your name, a sea of red and white

surrounds you, hell you even see quite a few people already with “Harper #34”

Cardinals jersey. You continue around the warning track, passing by the left field

wall of retired jersey numbers, a scene like nothing you’ve ever experienced

before. You approach the visitor’s dugout, and hop off the back of the truck.

Shaking hands with Cardinals hall of famers, they bring you in like you’ve been

greeting them for yours. Sitting near them are World Series trophies, something

you’ve been gunning for your entire career. You can feel it, you can taste the


As you trot down the first base line you look up into right field and see all eleven

flags above the scoreboard recognizing every World Series Championship brought

to St. Louis. The red, the pageantry, the gateway arch in centerfield, this moment

lives in your heart and mind forever. The official swearing in as a member of the

St. Louis Cardinals has just taken place, in a place you love playing, Busch Stadium.

Now when your walk up music keys up for the first time and you step up to the

plate. That standing ovation you get for your first at bat may seem like eternity,

but soak it all in! The guys will have warned you by now on how those first at bats

go. Lift that red helmet high, flip the hair back and throw it back on and dig into

the box.

Bryce, you’ve played here tons, we love our baseball in St. Louis, we absolutely

do! You saw Matt Adams plate appearance, the standing ovation during a critical

at bat?! WHO DOES THAT? We do…Cardinals fans do that, and I’m sure as a

member of the Cardinals or not, that very Matt Adams would tell you it’s an

amazing place to play. St. Louis has some neat things, the toasted ravioli, the arch,

IMO’s Pizza, amazing BBQ joints. But at the end of the day, Bryce, our arms are

open. We’re ready to bring you to St. Louis if you so decide. So if it comes down

to it and St. Louis is an option, come on over. If it isn’t me trying to convince you

to come to St. Louis look at the history, the players who have worn the birds on

the bat, the epic moments in the postseason, the heroics, the Clydesdales, the

back flips, the guys wearing the red jackets. The 3 million+ fans who come out and

support their team each and every year.

Enjoy your offseason Bryce, and we hope to see you soon!



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