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Cardinals Media talks 'Pace of Play' during Spring games

St. Louis Cardinals 1-1 in Spring competition. Discussion ensued regarding "Pace of Play" Photo by Rich Schultz, GETTY Images

St. Louis Cardinals began Spring Opening Day like gangbusters thanks to minor league players sluggers. Two 3-R Homers by PR-3B Ramon Urias (2-4/3 RBI) and PH-DH Max Schrock (3-4/4 RBI), to help give the Cardinals their 11-1 win over the Miami Marlins. However Sunday, Game 2, the Cardinals were brought back down to earth 10 pegs being handed a 12-2 loss by the Washington Nationals.

Even though, a special mention for Sunday. Cardinals RHP John Gant in relief - 2 IP/2 BB/1 SO, no runs allowed. Earned or otherwise. Also, OF Tyler O'Neill (1-3/1 RBI) slugged out his first Spring homer for a solo.

MEDIA COVERAGE And 'Pace of Play' Pitch CLock

One fantastic point I want to make is how great it is to have Dan McLaughlin and Rick Horton "back" (Fox Sports Midwest) calling the games. On KMOX Radio, the voices of Mike Shannon and John Rooney.

During the course of coverage. On Saturday, Dan and Rick were talking about the pitch clock which has been implemented for the Spring games. And, the young arms in camp, they are used to being timed as the clock was used in the minors last season.

Rick mentioned that the clock really didn't affect a pitcher. They are ready to pitch.

Maybe, the clock should be on the batters. Of which, a couple of seasons ago supposedly the hitters were not to step out of the batters box. To date - as we know, that really hasn't been enforced by the umpire. Even though the clock is ticking for the "pitcher", the hitter is adjusting the Velcro on his hitting gloves. Re-gripping the bat - positioning. Getting back into place at the plate readjusting their 'look' in readiness for the pitch they feel is coming their way.

But for Spring Opening Day, the Cardinals - Marlins game finished out just about three hours long.

Yesterday's game - not so much.

Sunday Baseball ~ No excuses for Cardinals yesterday ... but a bit of 'funny' in the mix. Well ~ I had a laugh.

Since I had to take a lil' road trip yesterday. I was listening to my favorite "Mike & John" KMOX team. Former Cardinals great Mike Shannon and John Rooney.

On the way home, thought I'd catch the post-game coverage. It was 3:30 approximately - catch the tail-end possibly. To my surprise, game wasn't over and certainly not into extra innings.

The two were also talking about the pitch clock and how it really didn't affect the pitchers. Something may have to be addresses regarding the hitters if they are really serious about shaving time off a baseball game.

Pace of Game - Pitch clock broken? By the view one the Home Plate Umpire was.

First pitch by Cardinals G Gallegos in 9th! Mike: "That was a beauty for a strike" - HPU "Ball". A flare of descriptves. 'Since this is such a close game and a Spring game he felt the need to give the benefit of the doubt' ... + "Minor league umpire. He'll stay a minor league ump", by Mike.

Per John: "He's been consistent" Mike's retort: "Consistently bad" Chuckles by both. #LoveMike

According to the conversation, both seem to think that part of the problem is "umpiring". Maybe MLB should address that subject matter a bit closer. Since I wasn't able to watch the game, obviously a very tight strike zone.

Why is this so great?!! Because I heard it over the airwaves what many fans talk about on a regular basis.

However, John did mention, 'pitchers should know how to adjust'. Yes? No? Maybe?!

Whatever was the case yesterday, probably did not bode well with the MLB's creativity of change to baseball!


Game Day Monday ~ for the Cardinals, it will be 22 year old RHP Jake Woodford to make the start. He was 5-5/4.50 ERA for the Memphis Triple-A Redbirds last season in 64 IP. We will see how the 'young arm' performs today. Only the best to him in his Spring debut.

Keep in mind Cardinals fans ~ this is just the beginning of our Cardinals Spring games.

Game will be covered by FSMW and KMOX Radio ~ first pitch at 12:05 CST.

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