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Cardinals Caravan #4 Under "Weather Watch" For Saturday in Illinois

Cardinals Caravan #4 ~ Jose Martinez, John Brebbia, John Gant, prospect Lane Thomas. Alums Bengie Molina and "Big AL" Hrabosky. Emcee for the caravan, Tom Ackerman

The St. Louis Cardinals 2019 Caravans, traveling to twenty different cities in six different states, begins today, Friday January 18.

For Central Illinois, Mother Nature is 'threatening' blizzard like conditions for Saturday which may affect their appearances (Caravan #4) in Peoria and Bloomington IL. Weather is being monitored and updates will be provided. For the moment ~ all is a "go".

The one stop for today, no weather issues ~ Champaign IL at the iHotel/Conference Center ~ door opens at 11:30 in the conference center.

Therefore, I am not taking any chances of 'missing' our boys. I will be traveling to Champaign to 'enjoy the show'. And how can I not? Mother Nature will not keep me away!

Jose "Cafe Jr" Martinez, John "Lumberjack" Brebbia, John Gant, prospect Lane Thomas, Bengie Molina and our beloved "Big AL" Hrabosky will be in tow with emcee Tom Ackerman. Just so you know, "Lumberjack" is my own anointed nickname for Brebbia in honor of his 'various' beard styles fashioned through the season ~ and off-season.

However, wanted to give a heads-up for those in the Central IL area who are planning on attending at Peoria and Bloomington check "Cardinals Caravan" and click on news. Weather updates should be available.

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