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Cardinals Add Another On Staff, Joey Prebynski, the Game Changer. Big News Conference Today.

St. Louis Cardinals add yet another to their staff. Joey Prebynski will be behind the scenes. Photo by USA TODAY Sports

In our modern day baseball, there is a lot of information fed into a system to improve play on the field. Such information can become a lot of 'frayed wires', so to speak, of analytic detail to digest and wrap one's head around to understand for staff to implement for player effectiveness.

Thursday is was reported by Jenifer Langosch, MLB.com, that the St. Louis Cardinals have hired Joey Prebynski to bring the analytics group and staff together. To create a stronger system between both for player benefit - development - increased positive performance.

"Prebynski comes from Milwaukee, where he has spent the last three seasons as a pro scout. Prior to joining the Brewers, Prebynski worked with the Rangers as a video coordinator, research analyst, advanced scout and assistant in Minor League operations and player development. Prebynski's diverse background made him an attractive candidate as the Cardinals began creating the job description for this new hybrid role."

My take on this new hire is that he will take all information and relay that back to the field staff - not with a 'novel' of pages, graphs and numbers; but, streamlining and simplifying for the staff to utilize and apply to each player's production. And, for the team as a whole. Prebynski will also work with each player individually using their feedback to be included to help diminish a 'weak link' creating a strong link to see better results.

Manager Mike Schildt is on board with the new hire. Per the article:

"We're trying to make sure that we're catching our blind spots and then also creating our sweet spots," Shildt said. "Listen, we just want the best practices to be able to make the best decisions and provide the best information to our players. I'm really pleased with our field staff in the sense that they've been open-minded about what that looks like."

I will be interested to see with this new age baseball facet of communication will be evident by our players. With changes in baseball, one has to stay "with the times' to be the best they can be. With being informed on all levels, I only see this as a very good thing.

Prebynski will not be in uniform. We will not see him in the dugout. However, he will become an intricate part of the Cardinals staff and will travel with the team.

Some changes to our current day baseball are for the better. I believe the Cardinals have yet again 'stepped up their game' to achieve - to succeed.

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St. Louis Cardinals will introduce their new acquisition, 1B Paul Goldschmidt. Photo by CBS Sports.

"FOX Sports Midwest will televise the St. Louis Cardinals’ news conference introducing newly acquired first baseman Paul Goldschmidt at 10:30 a.m. Friday from Busch Stadium. The news conference will also be streamed live on the FOX Sports app."

"Jim Hayes will report from Busch Stadium, and Scott Warmann and Brad Thompson will anchor from FOX Sports Midwest’s studio at Ballpark Village."

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