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Cardinal Minor League Position Players in Winter Ball Update.

Yariel Gonzalez in Puerto Rico. (Photo / Mayagüez Indians / Ángel Santiago)

This is a late season update on the Cardinals minor league position players in Fall/Winter League action. With the Winter Leagues (Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the Mexican Pacific League), now in their playoff format,only a few Cardinal minor leaguers remain active.

Most notably Rangel Ravelo , Yariel Gonzalez, and Ryder Ascanio. The stats below show some good and some bad below for their respective winter league regular seasons.

C Jose Godoy led in hitting @ .359 in 31 games with 13 starts behind the plate. Rangel Ravelo hit .320 regular season and his Lara Cardenales are still in the playoff hunt. Ramon Urias, now on the Cardinal 40 man roster, was sent stateside shortly after that and had gained significant fame for his 3HR game. Yariel Gonzalez is still active in the playoffs and hit .306 regular season in the Puerto Rican League. John Nogowski started strong for the Obregon Yaquis in 22 games. They replaced him but he still hit a respectable .256. Nogowski has a career KO rate of around 11%

Results included the Under 23 World Cup series, where Yadier Molina managed the Puerto Rican team. Four players cracked the .300 mark in that short series, Leandro Cedeno, Julio Rodriguez, Juan Yepez, and Jhon Torres. Torres went on to play in the Columbian league as well. The 18 year old Torres, acquired in the Oscar Mercado trade should stay on everyone's radar.

Arizona Fall League was led by Lane Thomas @ .262. He started that season slow and progressed. Where Tommy Edman started hot and slumped and finished @.238. Honorable mention goes to Andy Young, not listed, who hit .301. He will forever have the "I was traded for Paul Goldshmidt" claim to fame.

The 19 year old Delvin Perez, our 1st round 2016 draft pick, hit .043 in 17 games. In his defense he was 6.6 years younger than the average of all players in the Puerto Rican league. Middle infielders Irving Lopez and Rayder Ascanio never fired offensively but were as well much younger than their competition.

On a prediction note I could see Ramon Urias or Tommy Edman for their middle infield versatility seeing playing time for the Cardinals in 2019. Outside shots for Lane Thomas and Rangel Ravelo as well. I look forward to 2019 and will continue to update the Cardinal's entire minor league system throughout the year.

Thanks for reading and I also update our minor league players progress in the Fall and Winter leagues at St. Louis Cardinal Minor League Spotlight on Facebook and share on the Cardinal Nation 24/7 facebook page. On twitter as well Jeff Schrader @StlCardsMinor

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