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As I Live And Breathe....

If you haven't heard the shocking news I'm about to blow your mind.....


Same old Cardinals doing the same old Cardinals things right?

Well, they actually did a good thing.

Josh Donaldson signed a one year deal worth $23 million with the Atlanta Braves and might I add that I am pleased with the Cards not moving on from Donaldson. It's clear he wanted more years and money than even what he signed with Atlanta. Donaldson was willing to take a bet and see approach in his deal with the Braves and I applaud him on that.

What this really does is open the door on a potential deal between the Cards and free agent 3rd baseman Mike Moustakas. As hot as the Cards have reportedly been on Donaldson, I firmly believe the Cards are just as hot, if not hotter on Moose.

Why you ask?

Moustakas is the prototype player the Cardinals typically go after in free agency, not the big splash, more like a slight spritz. you get the gist there. The Cardinals are hopefully saving their chips for a much larger fish in Harper or Machado, I wouldn't bet the farm on it though as the Cardinals "MO" says otherwise. Unfortunately I have seen enough of the typical "Cardinal Way" moves to know what happens next.

They'll grab a Moustakas type player which is good, but they'll fail to reel in the big fish and once again be stuck in limbo as usual. Dewitt and Co. have a penchant for not "overpaying" for the services of a player. What they're not getting is that the fans are getting very irritated by the lack of movement in the free agency market and when the Cards do make a move it has a tendency to blow up in their faces I.E. Dexter Fowler.

They know that fans will flow through the gates and fill Busch to capacity every year per usual and fans will flock to Ballpark Village for a cold brew and good food, but what they fail to see is the fair-weather fan that goes to see the big star like Harper or Machado or stars past such as Pujols, Holliday, or Molina.

I understand the logic that you can overspend and not get what was expected, but come on man! Are the Cardinals expecting major wins in every transaction? I don't think anyone thinks that.

I love the idea of "Moneyball" and it'll work from time to time to get you wins during the season yet the proof is in the pudding. Quick question, how many World Series has Billy Beane's Athletics made it to?

Gabrielle Lurie/The Chronicle

0, not one.

Yes, saber-metrics can buy you wins, heck it can get you to the playoffs, but it cannot buy you sustained success.

The Cardinals are in dire need of an anchoring force to this team. one that they've desperately needed since the departure of Albert Pujols and that was in 2012 and don't mistake me when I say that Albert was a piece of the puzzle at that time others included Holliday, Molina, Wainwright, Chris Carpenter, so on. This is 2019, where is that homegrown talent management has promised us?

I know some will say that the tragic loss of the late Oscar Taveras set us on this path we are on and I get it, Tragic and terrible as it was there should've been a plan B, there should've been a secondary option in case of emergency.

Chris Lee/Post Dispatch

So if you're buying or selling the idea that the team was caught with their pants down with the tragic and unfortunate passing of Taveras, I'd agree to a point.

Here is my stance, The Cardinals organization should have prepared, as any good business would have for contingencies. They shouldn't have put all their eggs in one basket, yet they did.

Now all they want to do is talk about fiscal responsibility and not making knee jerk reactions based on the whims of a fan base.

All because the market is determining what players are going for. Not the agents nor the players.

This is the world baseball lives in now.

"Adapt or Die"

Billy Beane from Moneyball.

Derek King

Twitter @derekkingsports

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