Are these the dark days or just a slump?

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Right now 5/29/19 the Cardinals in 4th place with a record of 26--28. At the end of April, they were 19--10 including sweeps of the dodgers and Brewers. Winners of 9 out of their last 10 and on top of the division. Since then they are 7--18 including being swept by the Cubs. They have been outscored in this time frame 125--106. This would indicate that the Cardinals are playing close games. Until you add the fact that 41 of those 106 runs were scored in 3 games! If you remove those games opponents have outscored St. Louis 115--65. (5.2--2.9).

13 times the Cardinals scored 3 runs or less they are 0--13 in those games.

12 other games the birds are 7--5.

9 times they have held opponents to 3 runs or less they are 5--4 in those games.

None of these numbers point to anything good this month at least not on the surface. The fan base is at best concerned. Many want to blow up the team. They want to blame Mozeliak for every trade that has not worked out to their satisfaction. They blame Shildt and claim he is not qualified to be a manager. Some have already written the season off as a lost cause. The more optimistic fans are quick to point out that we are ONLY 5 games out of fist place and we still have 4 months to go. They also point out that Players like Goldschmidt and Carpenter are slow starters. They also point to April when we were 18--6 and had two 5 game winning streaks.

Is there a single part of the game that is letting us down?

People point at lack of offense excluding the 3 games in double digits we have scored 58 runs in 19 games 3.05 runs per game.

In the last 30 games for players with 50 or more ABs

the top 5 BAs are H. Bader .276, P. Goldschmidt .271, Y. Molina .259, J. Martinez .256 and P. DeJong .221

In terms of OBP; P. DeJong .382, P. Goldschmidt .364, J. Martinez .348, D. Fowler .337, H. Bader .333

for Slugging M. Ozuna .417, H. Bader .414, Y. Molina .388, M. Carpenter .375, P. DeJong & J. Martinez .372.

RBIs M. Ozuna 20, Y. Molina 13, P. DeJong 13, M. Carpenter 12, K. Wong 11.

Strikeouts P. Goldschmidt 30, M. Carpenter 28, D. Fowler 23,M. Ozuna 22, J. Martinez 18

What about starting pitching?

In the last 30 days the Cardinals starting pitching has had many issues, but it is not all bad.

Pitcher G W -- L ERA WHIP IP / Avg IP Opp BA

D. Hudson 5 1 -- 2 3.07 1.40 29.3/ 5.6 .261

J. Flaherty 5 1 -- 2 3.45 1.12 28.6 /5.6 .186

A. Wainwright 6 2 -- 3 5.67 1.44 33.3/5.6 .276

M. Wacha 4 2 -- 2 6.39 1.78 25.3/6.3 .300

G. Cabera 1 0 -- 1 7.36 1.91 3.6/3.6 .333

In terms of Hudson 4 of his 5 starts in may have been quality starts. Also he has cut down on on his HRs allowed. he gave up 8 in April and March and only 1 in May. Flaherty's last three starts have been quality starts. Mikolas 4 out of his 5 starts have been quality starts and going 7 innings on 3 of them. After a very good April which saw Wainwright 4 Quality starts out of his 6 starts in April May has been a struggle with only 1. However his last start going 6 innings and striking out 10 could hopefully mean an uptick but we shall see what happens his next start. Micheal Wacha after a so-so April struggled a little and then the wheels came off in his last two starts giving up 12 runs in 5 innings got him relegated to the bullpen. At this point it is unclear what they play to do with that spot as Genesis Cabrera's debut was not what the Cardinals wanted to see. Will they wait for Gomber and Reyes to be ready or will the wait until after the draft and make a play for Dallas Kuechel? We will have to wait and see. Signing Keuchel carries risk since he would probably not be available until July. In any event we will probably now more in the next 10 days.

What about the bull pen?

A very good question is what has the bull pen done? recording only 2 saves.

In terms of


Gant 1.80 Gant 0.80 Webb .128

MIller 2.14 MIller 0.81 Gallegos .188

Martinez 2.25 Gallegos 0.88 Gant .194

Brebbia 2.77 Brebbia 1.08 MIller .214

Gant and MIller are clearly the top two guys out of the pen during May. In terms of appearances Gallegos 3.95/0.88/.188 and Webb 3.00/1.17/.128 have each appeared in 12 games. Brebbia 2.77/1.08/.235 has been in 11 games Gant and Miller have both appeared in 9.

It remains to be seen how the Wacha to the pen is going to work out as it will be a definite role shift.

So where is the issue

A. lead off, collectively from the lead off spot the Cardinals are .201 there needs to be a solid table setter. Carpenter has started to hit a little better since being moved down but not enough in my mind to warrant a return to the top spot. Fowler since being put in the lead off is 0--19.

B. Hitting with runners in scoring position Currently this season the Cardinals are leaving over 3 runners in scoring position on base per game.

C. Address the needs of the rotation whether Gomber, Reyes, Cabrera or go outside need to find a dependable starter to bolster the rotation.

That is my take thanks for reading

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