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2018: The Year of the Yikes!

The 2018 St. Louis Cardinals season was troublesome, upsetting, REALLY GOOD, then mediocre again. So after a little digging, I found some areas this team MUST improve in to get themselves over the hump in 2019. Some of these numbers may be staggering, so viewer discretion is advised. One thing many people were aware of, and which I will first begin with it, the fielding department. Errors, errors put men on base, errors create runs. We don’t like errors. But how bad was it this season? In 162 games, the Cardinals had 133 errors, now I know you all are smart enough to realize that’s, well, only 29 games off from an error a game. The Cardinals sat dead last in this department, and weren’t even anywhere close to the 29th team in errors, the Philadelphia Phillies who had 121 errors in 2018. To put all of this into perspective, there were 7 teams with 100 or more errors, and the Cardinals over doubled the Houston Astros error total, who had the least amount of errors in 2018 at 62. Ill piggy back off of the fielding stats a little during this portion. Yes, to no surprise they too were a little upsetting in some categories. The Cardinals were 5th in the MLB in 2018 with 593 walks, much like errors you’re not helping yourself at all giving guys a free pass. This number needs to drop drastically to keep guys off of base to loosen the threat a bit. A stat I found that I was honestly surprised by was the total number of homeruns allowed by St. Louis pitchers. The Cardinals actually allowed the least number of homeruns at 144, 8 less than the Houston Astros. The Cardinals walks top 5 in walks, most errors, ABSOLUTELY cannot mean success, and obviously played a big part in the Cardinals not going to the playoffs for the third straight season. The Cardinals were pretty much an all or nothing offensive team in 2018 as well. It was literally the year of the single or long ball. The Cardinals had the LEAST amount of triples in 2018 with a staggering 9. The ONLY team in single digits, that what (lack of) speed do, I guess. Ahh more speed do scenarios, the Cardinals were 27th in the MLB in doubles as well. So when I say it was the long ball or a single, I absolutely mean it. Middle of the league at #17 in strikeouts(Surprisingly). I, for one, saw the homerun being a big thing, but I didn’t realize how low the Cardinals were in the double/triple category, this is atrocious. With Marmol being moved to the dugout, will Stubby Clapp send more guys? So in a nut shell, Errors/Walks, lead to runs. The lack of doubles/triples lead to possibly less runs scored. This season was a great disaster, I dug a little into the post All-Star splits as well. The Cardinals actually lead the post all star MLB in walks, which I could only attest to the young guys from Memphis being called up. There was truly no helping the triples category, but the Cardinals actually jumped up 16 spots in the doubles category post All Star Break. All in all, these are a few areas we need to fix, with a full season of Mike Shildt driving the Ferrari, and hopefully a lot of defensive work at spring training, 2019 will be here soon enough and we will be once again gunning for the NL Central Division title. Go Cardinals!

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